Austin Edtech Meetup: Connected Educators

Austin Edtech Meetup: Connected Educators
Pearson Labs
Pearson Labs
25 Oct 13

This month is Connected Educator month, and EdTech Austin hosted a panel discussion to provide insight into how educators can best connect in meaningful ways. The distinguished panel of educators and technologists focused on the core values of the Connected Educators organisation, including research, development and outreach. Audience members had the opportunity to ask questions in person or through the TodaysMeet feed that was displayed on the screen behind the panelists. Keeping with the theme of the night, EdTech Austin live-tweeted and live-streamed the event, sharing insights with folks scattered far and wide.  Here’s how you can connect with the panel and moderators regarding last night’s event:


  • Isabel Shelton – @isabel7788
  • Stephanie Cerda – @Ms_Cerda
  • Sean Duffy – @DearMrDuffy


  • George Couros – @gcouros
  • Jon Samuelson – @ipadsammy
  • Sandy Kendell – @EdTechSandyK
  • Greg Garner – @classroom_tech
  • April Maas – @MaasClassroom

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Twitter: @EdTechAustin #EdTechATX

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