Let’s Code!

Bronwyn Holmes
By Bronwyn Holmes | 11th Apr 2013

Let’s Code! is a new open source prototype which teaches programming in a fun, creative and visual way. It’s an HTML5 web application primarily aimed at 10-13 year olds, which enables them to create their own web-based games and apps. Kids (and grown-ups) can learn through step-by-step tutorials, or simply start playing with the interface and learn intuitively as they go along. For those who are ready, they can switch to the Code View and explore the real code behind their web app. Let’s Code! currently comes with a long jump scenario but since it’s open source, teachers, parents or more advanced students could extend the prototype and incorporate their own elements.

The Future Technologies team built this prototype to get kids excited about coding, and promote adoption within schools. The team are looking forward to hearing about the different ways it’s been modified and experimented with by users. Head over to letsc.de and start programming with lesson 1.


  1. that’s really cool! let’s code!

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