Social media – a friend or foe of learning?

By Pearson Labs | 26th Sep 2013

It’s been Social Media Week in London, and we marked it by getting together teachers, students, policy-makers and businesses to discuss the role of social media in the classroom.

What seemed clear from our group was that… well… it’s not clear at all. The vision of social media platforms as an integral part of the connected classroom, where personalised workflows and rapid feedback weave seamlessly through the learning experience, seems more achievable than ever before.

But countering that are the issues of the role of the teacher, and those strengths of inspiring, understanding and nurturing that seem irreplaceable by machinery. And what of child safety? How free should we make the social media we use in classrooms; and is an element of lockdown a necessary precaution, or in fact a contradiction in terms?

So what do you think? Let us know with a comment below.


Our thanks to our panelists on the day:

•Tom Hall (chair) – VP, edtech partnerships, Pearson

•Jodie Lopez – champion schools coordinator, Pearson – @pearsonchampion

•Kirsten Campbell Howes – director, Soda / founder, – @campbellhowes

Scott Sage VC (edtech), DFJ Esprit – @scott_sage

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